Welcome to the Center for Spiritual Living

We are a community that embraces everyone; a way of living the authentic life, and a teaching that transforms lives!

We are a spiritual community that is committed to serving the One God of the Universe that is alive in all creation. We are about the Awakening of this Presence within the individual and then fostering its expression in the world. Realizing the Truth of our Being as Love Itself becomes a way of life.  This transforms us and has the potential to contagion the world.

At CSL we create a nurturing space where love and acceptance overflow.  Through stimulating classes and inspirational gatherings we collectively unfold as Truth is revealed in an intimate way for the individual. For nearly 30 years CSL has been a teaching, healing Center offering programs, classes and workshops that awaken, inspire and shift consciousness.  Through affirmative prayer, meditation, yoga and satsangs etc. we court the Deep that is always courting us.

We invite you to explore our new Website and learn more about our dynamic community and the many opportunities available that could enhance your life experience. In addition, we welcome your questions and invite you to participate with us as we unfold in Light and Love together.