Upcoming Talks

Special Note:

Dear Friends,

We are open for Sunday services.
We ask that if you are not feeling well, or if you are in a comprised state of health, you continue watching our live stream from home. If you attend, please enter through the front door on Lily Flagg, and exit through the back. We will not have or allow any coffee, food, or beverages in the Center.

Sunday Talks for September 2023


Exploring the great mystery of being, we listen for the hints.  Moments of awake awareness blossom forth in wonder and surprise.  The mystery unveils herself in “AH SO”  sighs.

September  3        WHAT’S IN THE WAY IS THE WAY

Rumi tells us, “The only way out is through.”  You are your greatest barrier.  Rise up from within it.  Could we approach our blocks with openness and curiosity?  Our freedom lies within.

September 10        ENDLESSLY SURPRISED

Let yourself be surprised.  Be an explorer in unknown territory and a child filled with wonder and surprise  Behold!  I make all things new.  Yes.  We witness you.

September 17        WALKING IN WONDER

Often the best thing you can do in the mystery is to listen, ponder, feel deeply and slip into wonder and awe.  We become intimate with the vastness from which listening arises.

September 24        CATCHING THE HINTS

The Universe is speaking.  Are you listening?  Our challenge, opportunity and responsibility is to catch the hints as the Mystery awakens within us and all around.  Teach us and show us the way.