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Wednesday Night Satsang

Wednesday Night Satsang

6:30 to 8:00PM with a meditation at 6:00PM
All are welcome at no charge. Each week we engage in live Satsang (sanskrit word for “sitting in Truth”)

THE ESSENTIAL CONNECTION – We expand our Satsang by opening to organic experiential discovery through inquiry and dialogue.

Each week we will make that “essential connection” to what life is offering us. Special guides will assist us in this exploration.

Phyllis Light will launch us off with her depth of wisdom around the body and our connection with herbs and energy. Gloriji will ignite us with her passion for Truth and depth of connection in Shamanism. David will explore the wisdom of the heart connection and the intuitive resources. Ongoing investigations into curriculum of life. As Rumi says, “The only way out of anything is through it.” Arrive at the Connection that takes us Home.

Our intention is to create the SPACE in which we can meet what arises and greet it with gratitude and curiosity. As Rumi admonishes us, “Walk each other home.” To do that we must make that “essential connection” with Source and with other. How exciting!